Our Companies

A revolution in digital cell morphology

Scopio aims to change the standard of healthcare and revolutionize first-line diagnostic testing by harnessing the power of Full FieldTM Imaging and AI to analyze the morphology of cells at a scale and depth that was never possible before.


The first-ever Internal Talent Marketplace

Used by the world’s leading enterprises. Gloat enables enterprises to harness the hidden potential of talent throughout the organization by matching people's skills and aspirations to internal career opportunities that are right for them and provides mission-critical organizational agility, visibility, and insights.


Successful Aging Has Arrived. And Everyone is Invited.

Combining data science, personalized technology, and human touch to unlock the benefits of healthy aging for individuals, families, and insurers.


Welcome to a New Era.

WEKA 4 delivers a new reality, running the impossible workloads anywhere sans compromise.


Unlock Untapped Value

Imubit’s Closed Loop Neural Network Platform is a Real Time AI process optimization solution that directly controls refineries and chemical plants to maximize profit while managing energy efficiency, safe operating limits, and sustainability objectives.


The Future of Metal Casting

Magnus Metal is launching a 6000-year-old technology into the digital era with its breakthrough Digital Casting System.


The Dawn of Real-Time Weather Intelligence

Tomorrow.io is revolutionising weather forecasting and bridging the radar coverage gap for five billion people.