Yahal Zilka

Yahal is a 20+ year veteran of the VC industry, recognized for his expertise and hands-on work with entrepreneurs creating new industry categories.

Yahal brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur, mentor, and executive.

Yahal provides strong financial, operational and hands-on management experience and fosters strategic relationships with industry leaders vital to 10D’s portfolio companies.

Yahal was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Magma Venture Partners, a leading Israeli VC Fund with numerous success stories.

He served as Board Member and advisor of Waze, Argus, Replay Technologies, Magisto, Indegy, Optimal Plus, DesignArt Network, Phonetic Systems, Hola and others during their acquisitions by Google, Continental, Facebook, Intel, IAC, Tennable, NI, Qualcomm, Nuance.

Yahal Zilka