Climate & ESG Perspective

At Lumir, we believe that Climate & Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors lead to superior business outcomes

Our companies and the impact they make

Scopio Labs is a revolutionary company that delivers dramatically improved patient outcomes. Scopio automates the analysis of tens of thousands of cells at a time – far more than any human can quantify, bringing dramatically earlier detection and diagnosis of cancers, infections, and other diseases, expediting patients’ access to better care and life-saving treatments.

Remote diagnostic healthcare has grown in the last decade, with subfields like teleradiology enabling experts to review images from anywhere in the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend of doing as much as possible remotely. Scopio brings the remote-work revolution to hematology and cell morphology, enabling a new subfield of telehematology and delivering a dramatic impact on the world’s Sustainability.

Gloat is making a tangible impact on the Social aspects of the ESG framework and considerations. Gloat’s industry-leading Workforce Agility platform leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) to incorporate skill-to-opportunity mapping, neural networks, and anti-bias mitigation to match individuals to opportunities within a company. It allows workers to connect to “gigs” in a different functional area from their team and to meet up with mentors from a separate office or geography or better understand the right upskilling and reskilling initiatives to help them realize their ideal career path.

Gloat unlocks thousands of hours of productivity for Fortune 500 companies. Not only does this mean that a company uses its existing workforce more efficiently, raising productivity, but it also brings opportunities to people who may never have had them. It, therefore, results in increased employee satisfaction with career and development opportunities, as shown in employee surveys.

Assured Allies is a company focused on empowering insurers to create a new generation of retirement products with long-term care protection. Rapid aging around the world presents an unprecedented set of challenges to sustainability: shifting disease burden, increased expenditure on health and long-term care, labor-force shortages, dissaving, and potential problems with old-age income security. Assured Allies has the potential to become a major player assisting insurance carriers with legacy blocks of long-term care (LTC) business while simultaneously offering solutions to address the fast-growing and very unprepared aging space in the US market.

Weka - a leading deep tech company that is revolutionizing the Distributed File Systems Object Storage category and, by doing so, paving the way for sustainable infrastructure.

As enterprise AI takes off and data generation increases exponentially, unstructured data is growing rapidly. According to IDC, the amount of data created, copied, and consumed grew from 2 zettabytes in 2010 to 97 in 2022 and will rise to over 180 by 2025. This massive amount of data means exponentially increasing energy usage, and technologies must be sought to limit the impact on energy consumption. Data centers currently consume 2% of global energy (equivalent to Australia); and by 2030, this could be ~8% of global energy use. This means that companies must process and manage data in the most effective manner. Weka's software solution is able to deliver up to 50x improved performance compared to best-of-breed technologies, drastically reducing energy usage.