Lumir Israel Tech Fund 1 Launches

Lumir Israel Tech Fund 1 Launches

March 1, 2022

Melbourne-based investor Josh Liberman and veteran Israeli Venture Capitalists, Yahal Zilka and Rotem Eldar are launching their first joint endeavor under the company 'Lumir Ventures’.

Together they have a highly successful track record in technology investing with combined 20 Unicorn investments over their careers and current assets under management totaling more than $3 billion dollars across various funds and asset classes.

The first fund of Lumir Ventures ‘Israel Tech Fund 1’ will close at $US100 million and is being seeded by a large commitment from the partners and founders.

The Partners have been early-round investors in some of the most successful Israeli and Australian tech deals spanning 3 decades and cumulating in an outstanding track record, providing investor returns of many multiples on their invested capital. Some iconic deal highlights include first/early round investments in Waze, Seek, JFrog, Taboola, WalkMe,, and Canva (currently valued at USD$40bn). “We are currently seeing great opportunity to invest in the next wave of future tech leaders and our solid reputations and deep networks within the Israeli tech ecosystem will provide the Fund access to a strong pipeline of highly sought-after investment opportunities”.

The Fund will primarily target Series B+ rounds in rapidly expanding early growth technology companies in the target sectors of machine learning, cyber security, enterprise software, digital health, internet/mobile, fintech and AI. Target investee companies will be located in Israel or founded by Israeli entrepreneurs, have deep technological capabilities and business models that address large markets, have a global footprint and create new categories. The Fund’s objective is to generate capital growth and wealth creation for investors by building a diversified portfolio of high-quality and high-growth tech companies.